Broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, sudden severe oral pain, and mouth bleeding that won’t stop are all common examples of dental emergencies requiring fast treatment. When you’re dealing with any kind of dental problem that just can’t wait, trust Lashen Dental Group in Denville, New Jersey, for immediate compassionate care. Let providers Stephen Lashen, DDS, Jessica Klein, DMD, Jason Klein, DMD, and the expert dental team take care of you. Just call the office when you have an emergency and the caring team members will fit you in quickly.

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What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can include any situation in which your teeth, gums, tooth restorations, or other mouth structures need immediate attention. Among the most common dental emergencies are:

  • Knocked-out or loose tooth
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Very loose permanent tooth
  • Severe tooth or gum pain
  • Pronounced mouth or jaw swelling
  • Persistent bleeding anywhere in your mouth
  • Sudden injury to your mouth
  • Laceration of your gums or inner mouth
  • Very loose or detached crown or veneer
  • Very loose or detached dental implant

Many other situations could be dental emergencies. The general rule is to ask yourself if the situation is causing you enough distress to require treatment right away. If you can say “yes” to that question, then you probably have a dental emergency.

What should I do in a dental emergency?

Call Lashen Dental Group immediately if you have a dental emergency.

Tooth knocked loose

If your tooth is loose or knocked out, it’s crucial that you get help within an hour to have the best chance of saving the tooth. With a loose tooth, bring the tooth with you, submerged in a glass or cup of regular cow’s milk.

Lacerations and bleeding

For lacerations, bleeding, and other similar problems, apply gentle pressure to try to stem the bleeding until you get to Lashen Dental Group.

Severe swelling

If your jaw or mouth is swollen, you can apply an ice pack to the outer jaw to help reduce swelling and pain until you get to the office.

The team is prepared for all kinds of dental emergencies, so don’t worry. Also, Lashen Dental Group never overbooks, which means they can always move the schedule around to accommodate you when you have an emergency. Of course, you can also simply drive to the office in an emergency, but it’s best to call ahead so the team can prepare.

The Lashen Dental Group is equipped for all emergencies with their state-of-the-art facility featuring the very best in digital technology, including digital X-rays, digital intraoral cameras, digital scanning, digitally administered Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA™) with The Wand®, and more. Get the emergency dental care that you need by calling the office now.